OdishaChannel.com is a complete news portal from the Eastern Indian State of Odisha. It has come into being on August 15, 2012. It is being published by East Coast Media (P) Ltd., Bhubaneswar. OdishaChannel.com has come in place of KalingaTimes.com, which was being published by East Coast Media (P) Ltd.starting from on August 15, 2006 to July 30, 2010.

We at East Coast Media (P) Ltd have launched OdishaChannel.com with a view to make a balanced presentation of news and information for the Odia people living around the world as well all those who are seeking to keep track of various developments taking place in Odisha. We are committed to report news as it happens and when it happens, without bias and prejudice.

With Odisha fast becoming a happening place, OdishaChannel.com is making a sincere effort to serve the interests of Odisha and its people.

Sulochana Das, Editor.

For additional details and comments E-mail us at odishachannel@gmail.com