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OPINION By Kedar Mishra In his last book `Editor Unplugged’, late Vinod Mehta, the daredevil editor writes “Corporate control of the media, then, is not the evil empire. The evil empire is cartelization which inevitably spins into monopoly or media   Read More

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OPINION By Kedar Mishra In the first quarter of March Indian politics had come across multiple twisters and the prefixed invincibility of BJP got serious injuries all over its body. On 28th February BJP faced a humiliating defeat in Bijepur   Read More

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OPINION By Kedar Mishra It will be a definite photo finish between BJP and BJD in Bijepur by-election, predicted a senior journalist after travelling extensively in the poll bound constituency on 24th February, the voting day. It’s not one or   Read More

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OPINION By Kedar Mishra A few days ago, popular news channel of OTV invited a very unusual guest to their celebrity interview show “Khola Katha”. The only credibility and achievement of the guest was hurling eggs at Chief Minister Naveen   Read More

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By Kedar Mishra Bharatiya Janata Party which runs the Government of India and ruling over 18 States has become so desperate in Odisha that it used violence as a medium of protest in last few incidents. The political protest of   Read More

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By Kedar Mishra By standard media ethics a media house must remain as a neutral watchdog and stay away from the power sharing. Unfortunately most of our media houses are in a horrible race to surrender their autonomy and want   Read More

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Kedar Mishra Naveen Patnaik has regained his old form, emphatically said Raju, a tea seller in Unit II market of Bhubaneswar and from there the street side political discussion zeroed upon the future course of action of Baijayant Jay Panda,   Read More

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Jasmine Giri Introduction: Odisha being a coastal state and because of its geographical location, is prone to floods, cyclones and droughts. According to the Odisha State Disaster Management Authority (OSDMA), 95 out of the last 105 years, the state has   Read More

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By F. Sheheryar When Neil Diamond crooned “reaching out, touching me, touching you” in that iconic song Sweet Caroline, he could as well be singing about radio. Radio, which reaches out across seemingly insurmountable geographical divides, touches countless lives and   Read More

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*V.Srinivas 9th May 1956: Rajya Sabha had concluded the marathon 4 day debate on the AIIMS Bill 1956.Rajkumari Amrit Kaur in her reply to the debate spoke thus – “I want this Institute to be a unique Institute, and to   Read More

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Pragya Paliwal GaurIndia is running the largest renewable capacity expansion programme in the world.The government is aiming to increase share of clean energy through massive thrust in renewables.At Global Conference “REINVEST 2015” in February2015, Prime Minster Shri Narendra Modi’s statement   Read More

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By Gargi ParsaiThe year 2015 was a challenging one for the agriculture sector.It was the second consecutive year of hardships for farmers owing to drought and inclement weather in several parts of the country highlighting the urgency to address issues   Read More

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By Neeraj BajpaiLED bulbs are slowly but steadily making inroads in middle class families.Special stalls were pitched recently in the government offices complex in New Delhi and people, flaunted ID proof and latest power bill, to purchase LED bulbs at   Read More

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Sucharita SahooIndia has emerged as a global leader.World’s perception is changing about India. We have the human resource to achieve success in any field and education is the key force behind it.The present time demands skill and knowledge to meet   Read More

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Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev I normally never talk about the benefits of yoga, because I consider all the greatest benefits as the side effects of yoga.People may initially come for yoga because it offers a variety of health benefits and a   Read More

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K.ParameswaranThe man who plants a tree is one who is giving a lasting gift to humanity, says the Rig Veda.The Father of our Nation Mahatma Gandhi says ““Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”   Read More

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By Ratnadeep BanerjiArt flows into circles and points, whirligigs of splashes and permeating ideas.Permutations can be figurative or abstract, seminal or a flashback to rankle a perception.Depiction on multifarious mediums gets evocative.The mention of organic fibre sculpture rattlesone’s imagination.But that’s   Read More

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By J.DevaprakashAbout NPCILNuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL), a Public Sector Enterprise under the administrative control of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Government of India, is engaged in nuclear power generation.With its strong capabilities in design, construction, commissioning   Read More

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By Soumita ChakrabortyDigital media is vivid, varied and intelligible, unleashes ample of scopes to its audience for communications, marketing and networking.However, the accessibility, availability in turn usage of digital media tools varies from urban to rural – Digital Divide and   Read More

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An Overview of its unprecedented journey in Odisha.By Chirag PatadiaIn current times, the marriage of digital media and networks have amplified our daily, everyday lives and is part of monumental changes relating to our prior engagement in knowledge fructification, communication,   Read More