August 31, 2014

Odisha Channel Bureau Bhubaneswar, Aug 31: “This is indeed a prerogative that needs to be delivered to us a long time back.We demand for a child friendly city.The slums are in a dilapidated condition and as child leaders we will channelize our advocacy to incorporate child friendly components in schemes that aim at improving living conditions of children living in urban space,” said Master Subhajit, a Humara Bachpan child leader from OUAT basti while submitting the charter of demands to Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.On the event of foundation stone laying of RAY (Rajiv Awas Yojna) by the Chief Minister at Mandap basti and Munda Sahi basti here on Sunday more than 30 child leaders of the Humara Bachpan Child Clubs along with other community members of the respective slums were present.The child advocates apart from handing over the charter of demands to the Chief Minister also highlighted their dreams to transfigure the city of Bhubaneswar into a child friendly city.The charter of demands elaborates the list of living space issues that the child leaders want the Chief Minister to gain cognizance.“Before also I have asserted for the sustainable inclusion of child adaptability components in bastis, so that better living spaces are created for children.I speak on behalf of my friends who find dearth of spaces to play and find it unsafe to stay in the slums due to lack of street lights around.Even the houses that are guaranteed under the RAY schemes are not made properly.There is no proper ventilation and this pose as a grave problem for the children,” expressed Master Rupak, another child leader from Science Park basti.The present situation of Mandap Basti and Munda Sahi Basti is in a very fragile state.Issues like improper garbage cleaning, non-availability of dustbin, unsafe electricity, anti social activities in school compounds, unsafe housing, poor transport system, hazardous roads and pathways, non availability of public place for the children, zero ventilated housing are the major issues that are found around these slums.Proper drinking water is a focal concern that seems to have no solution in these areas.The slum dwellers are primarily daily wage labourers and are economically challenged.Hence, they face immense housing predicaments as they can’t afford better infrastructure facilities.The children of these slums in the end are the final victims of this persisting issue.The quandaries of the children are essential matters of concern.Their active voices for partnering with core groups and demanding for child friendly cities is a commendable work that needs to be addressed.The Chief Minister interacted with the children from the Humara Bachpan Child Clubs as he promised to look into their demands and make successful implementations for making the city of Bhubaneswar more children friendly.

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