October 29, 2020

Odisha Channel Bureau
Bhubaneswar: Sanjeeb Kumar Mishra, Senior Resident of VIMSAR has been selected for the WHO Infodemic Management course. The training will be given by WHO in collaboration with CDC-USA.
Dr. Mishra is among 200 participants selected globally and among 10 participants from India.

The online WHO training in infodemic management will be held from November 4 to 27, 2020.

In this course, participants will cover a spectrum of infodemic management skills and topics focused on skills needed to apply infodemic management interventions and practice to promote resilience of individuals and communities to the infodemic, including misinformation, and to promote self-efficacy of individuals for self-protective health behaviors.

The training will encompass both global and region-specific topics in the infodemic and health misinformation.

Objectives of the training:

Build a curriculum and apply it in delivering a training of the first cohort of cross-disciplinary infodemic managers that can be deployed to the field for infodemic response

Build up the skills of health authority staff in infodemic management

Offer opportunity for UN staff to learn about infodemic management

Become the basis for creating future infodemic training facility training modules

After the training:

the staff of UN and health authorities will apply the gained skills in national response to the infodemic and support the development of networks for skill sharing

those trainees who are freelance consultants will be included in WHO pool of suitably qualified consultants to support national response in infodemic management through technical assistance assignments in countries.

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