January 23, 2015

csr_odishaOdisha Channel Bureau Bhubaneswar, Jan 23: A mega conclave on `Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on CSR and Development in Odisha’ will be held at The Crown Hotel here on January 27.It is a combined initiative of CYSD, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, UNICEF and National Foundation for India, according to a press release.The dialogue will bring together the corporate sector, civil society organisations and the Government for serious tripartite discussions with the overall objective of planning for a long term and inclusive development of Odisha.The main sub-objectives of the dialogue are:- Setting a clear and concrete agenda for CSR in Odisha, through the identification of areas of engagement and processes to achieve the same;- Building alliances between corporate entities, civil society organizations and the Government for effective implementation of the CSR agenda;- Exposition of CSR standards, best practices and responsible corporate behaviour with a view to creating a CSR Learning Hub for mutual learning and innovations.The programme shall be organised in four sessions – Opening & Context setting; Business Session I&II– highlighting issues, development gaps and innovative approaches in collaboration; and Business Session-III – the way forward.Each session shall be led by representatives from the corporate sector, Government and the civil society.The learning sessions will be held in the evening – Understanding the CSR Law: Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013 – National Foundation for CSR- IICA; UN Global Compact – UNGC, India; and Integrity Pacts – Transparency International, India.According to the organizers, it is evident that development challenges in Odisha are a “many hands problem” and need a multi stakeholder approach.For too long the social sector and the corporate sector have been operating in isolation from each other, with different priorities and agendas.Whilst it cannot be denied that the private sector plays a vital role in the growth and development of Odisha, there is a pressing need for this growth and development to be more inclusive and for it to be an effective vehicle of development for all.With the introduction of Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013, giving legal weightage and direction to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in India, the Government has created a win-win opportunity for collaboration between the corporate houses, civil society organisations and the Government.It can also create meaningful synergies with the rich experience of Civil Society Organisations in the State.In view of the enormity of the CSR opportunities that the new legislation has brought about and the complex nature of developmental challenges in Odisha the conclave proposes to be provide a dialogue platform to be kicked off with active participation of the Government, Civil Society and the Corporate Sector.They could also further institute a mechanism for regular interface periodically.Plan of Action can be devised and implemented on a long term basis with regular meetings of these three principal actors, as well as other stakeholders.

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