December 17, 2014

Odisha Channel Bureau Jajpur, Dec 18: The notaries across Odisha are deeply sore over the government decision to do away with affidavits in case of self declaration.They have demanded immediate restoration of the provision as they are being made redundant and jobless whereas pressure is going to mount on the government officers like executive and revenue magistrates.In a meeting of notaries across the state in the premises of Chandi Mandir near Chandikhole in Jajpur district, they have formed an association under the banner of All Odisha Notaries Association to sharpen their voice to fulfill their demands.Besides, they also feel neglected by the State government in all occasions.“One of our main activities to issue affidavits has been discontinued in wake of the government decision to empower any individuals legally to declare his status or facts, best known as self declaration.Hence, the action of the Notary in all practical purposes will have no value and the decision renders us jobless,” said Nalinikanta Mishra, General Secretary of All Odisha Notary Association (AONA).We sincerely demand government should therefore restore the earlier status and utility of the notary, he said.This apart, the notaries said they are minimizing burden of the government officials like Tahasildars, additional Tahasildars and revenue officials by issuing various affidavits at their levels.“We urge the state government to take note of our crucial role in minimising burden of the executive magistrates and revenue officials as we are issuing affidavits at our level.Besides, minimizing of work burden, we also saves the time of the officials,” said Mahendra Kumar Bastia, president of AONA.We also demand that the state government to provide space in all government offices for Notaries and issue identity cards for hassle free official transactions, Bastia said.Over hundred Notaries across various districts of the state participated in the meeting.

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