June 16, 2015

nabakalebara-puriOdisha Channel Bureau Puri, June 16: The rituals relating to the transfer of the Brahmas from the old idols of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra and Lord Sudarshan to the new ones have been delayed by several hours.The process of Brahma Paribartana was delayed by several hours, apparently because completion of the carving of the new idols from the Darus took more time than expected.The delay started with the 11-day-long Maha Yajna performed at the Koili Baikuntha could not be concluded by Monday evening.The Maha Yajna actually ended at around 2.30 am today when Gajapati King Dibyasingha Deb offered Purnahuti.The secretive rituals (Gupta Niti) of the deities began after the entire temple premises were sanctified at 4.15 am, according to the local people.Due to the delay in transfer of the Brahmas, the temple gates are likely to remain closed till 5 pm.No information about Brahma Paribartana and burying of the old idols was available as the secretive rituals were still not complete till 9 am.As per the practice, all the rituals were to be completed by early morning.The inordinate delay in the Nabakalebara process has invited criticism from various quarters, including the thousands of devotees who have gathered outside the temple since yesterday.

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