June 26, 2014

Odisha Channel Bureau Paradip, June 26: Sea-bound fishing vessels in Odisha have been brought under colour code as part of refurbishment of coastal security mechanism.It’s an attempt to give the vessels from Odisha a distinctive look as desired by union agriculture ministry.All the fishermen and trawler owners have been directed to paint their boats with red and black.As approved by the state marine fisheries department, the Orissa’s sea fishing vessels would now wear largely red look.It will have red color coating on its cabin and hull, the frontal portion of the vessel.The top bottom portion of vessels would have coating of black color.The cost of the colouring is being borne by the boat owners, said officials.The process has already started and majority of boats and vessels are wearing new coloured look.With the introduction of colour code, it would be of immense help for the marine police, Coast Guard and Navy to identify the nativity root and origin of a particular boat, said an administration official.The color provisions have been made mandatory to differentiate the local fishing vessels from the other vessels from neighbouring coastal states and well as from foreign fishing vessels.“The introduction of color code system also forms the part of coastal security plan.This is going to considerably ease the task of sea patrolling units in combating sea-route trespassing,” said a Coast Guard official.The Coast Guard had earlier sought for the introduction of color code provisions on fishing vessels sailing across the Odisha’s coastal territory.“The State government has responded positively.Now vessels on sea voyage without the specified color in its cabin, hull and boot top would henceforth invite interception by sea-route patrol units,” the Coast Guard personnel added.Sea-route security would be further strengthened by such provisions.As it has been found in the past, fishing vessels often act as conduit for sea-route smuggling and subversive activities.Identification of such vessels would now be easier.Such color code stipulation on fishing vessels are already implemented in other coastal states, said Coast Guard officials.There are around 5,500 registered fishing vessels in Odisha’s Kendrapara and Jagatsinghpur coastal districts.The registered boats need to display their registered number on boldly in black on the frontal portion of the vessel.Now vessel owners have to ensure that their vessels are coated with red and black color combination.Any violation would lead to confiscation of vessels and arrest of the crews besides the vessel owner in accordance with OMFRA, according an official.

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