December 24, 2015

Odisha Channel Bureau PARADIP: Carrying forward its animal-friendly gesture, the Coast Guard has launched ‘Operation Oliva’ to intercept unlawful trawling activities while embarking on its annual mission to ensure the safe mid-sea sojourn of breeding Olive Ridley sea turtles.“The State government agencies had sought for our services in the turtle conservation programme.Accordingly, the operation to keep watch and vigil on illegal fishing along the turtle concentration zone is presently in full swing”, said V.Vijay, Deputy Commandant (Operation), Coast Guard, Paradip.coast-guard-olivaThe CG has pressed into service an improvised ship besides a Dornier aircraft for the Operation Oliva.It is keeping tab on illegal fishing in Gahirmatha marine sanctuary.“We do it every year for safety of these rare marine animals.The patrol exercise for surveillance on trespassing sea-worthy trawls is in full swing as turtles perish in large number after getting hit on trawl propellers.Besides breeding animals get entangled in fishing nets and are asphyxiated to death,” said coast guard personnel.As the turtles have begun arriving en masse for mating, an aircraft is being pressed into service for easy interception of illegal trawling operation along the marine sanctuary water zone.“The coast guard is always on alert to check trespassing of vessels.The patrol vessels engaged by forest and fisheries department often seek CG ship assistance in the event of exigencies.The operation to save turtles is being carried on in a coordinated manner’, he said.“We are always ready to help the forest and fisheries department for the safety of these delicate marine species,” quipped CG officials.A state-of-the-art CG ship is maintaining round-the-clock vigil along the coastal shoreline.The CG patrol in turtle congregation sites would remain in force till the marine turtles finish laying eggs on nesting beaches, added a CG personnel.While the focus of coast guard has always been to intercept trespassing of foreign vessels and its crews through sea route, there is always confusion over the proper identification of Bangladeshis infiltrating by sea-route.Coast Guard personnel had earlier asked the state fisheries department to issue identity cards to each of marine fishermen inhabiting in migration-prone coastal villages.The detection of Bangla infiltrators on trawls is a cumbersome process due to their striking similarity in language, looks and physical features with local Bengali-speaking marine fishermen.The fisheries department of Odisha government had been requested to feel the gravity of the situation for the safeguard of national security, said a coast guard source.

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