December 25, 2015

Odisha Channel Bureau Bhubaneswar: Seven Binjharpuri bull calves were procured from the farmers’ door step and placed in the Livestock Breeding Farm, Cuttack on Wednesday.The calves will act as breeding bulls in future and are expected to donate semen towards insemination of the cows.The bulls, selected as per standard procedure on the basis of their mothers’ milk yield from Sujanpur area of Jajpur district within the habitat of the breed, will produce high performers in thousands, even in lakhs.Binjharpuri-BullCalfThe Odisha Livestock Resources Development Society has taken a proactive step of bull procurement for genetic up-gradation of local cattle, the efforts starting seven years back.The initiative happens to be the first of its kind towards practical conservation and improvement of newly registered native cattle germ-plasm after independence of our country, according to an official release.The Odisha Bovine Breeding Policy, 2015 puts thrust on conservation and improvement of native cattle germ-plasm in the state.Average daily milk yield of the Binjharpuri breed of cattle, which is very much adaptable to our local environment, is more than 4.5 litres, with more than 4.5 % fat, which continues for a length of around 300 days upon calving.The calving interval is around 15 months.The bullocks of the breed, fetching Rs.70,000 to Rs.90,000 rupees per pair, have been proving themselves as the champion primary vehicles in all agricultural operations.

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