May 14, 2016

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By Paramita MishraOur vision of a Digital India will remain unfulfilled till we adopt this Smart technology as a part of our mission in one of the most crucial sectors …Education.In an era where cyber world has conquered the human needs of food, clothing and shelter by its mushrooming online centres and mobile apps catering to diverse needs of every category of individuals, the education sector cannot remain unperturbed.

The need of the hour demands online application for every school, college, university and office, a time and energy saving mode enabling multiple choices at the click of a mouse or touch of a finger.FormsDotStar, one of the leading pioneer companies which has been actively contributing to this purpose by its hassle free system which enables several institutions to adopt and follow the online registration process.A Creanovation Labs venture, it is based on next generation Forms Solution built with cutting edge technology.Conceptualised in Sept – 2010, FormsDotStar launched its first GoTo market ready beta version in April-2011. With believe in “Go Green” technologies FormsDotStar has been implemented at 250+ universities, colleges, schools and other organisations spanning across more than 22 states around the country.

It has processed more than 3.5+ lakh applications in FY 14’-15.Some of their top clients include XIMB, XLRI, JNU, IRMA, KIIT, IIHMR, Jain University, Vivekananda Global University, National Insurance Academy, and so on.Recently, the firm has also spread its tentacles overseas with Stanford University being its latest partner.The colleges and universities adopting online enrolment management systems are really benefitting in terms of time management, use of less paper, use of less manpower and easier data reconciliation in every field.

Their number of applicants also show a steep rise as an applicant can now choose to apply to multiple organisations at the comfort of a click of their computer or mobile.But it doesn’t stop here.Some Universities powered by FormsDotStar have started to offer application systems via mobile apps and are also coming up with innovative methods to make their applications go viral.With reduced chance of ambiguity and corruption in this user friendly process supplemented with a smooth payment mode, FDS is ruling the hearts of maximum educational institutions. Founded by Bikash Sahoo, the CEO of FDS and assisted by Biswajeet Sahoo in software development, FDS is fast gaining popularity in terms of online forms.

Its employees work round the clock under the business developers, Ajit Dash assisted by Shinakshi to cater to the huge demands of online forms thus benefitting millions of students worldwide.Thus, in this fast pace world where mobile apps are conquering everything, educational institutes need to go for a complete metamorphosis and embrace digitalisation to survive and sustain and contribute to building a SMART INDIA….as envisaged by millions of Indians.

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