January 16, 2018

Odisha Channel Bureau
Rourkela: In order to prevent the outbreak of avian influenza among animals and birds of Indira Gandhi Park, the Horticulture Department of Rourkela Steel Plant has been taking several precautionary measures in the IG Park Zoo.
For disinfection in the public movement areas, 4% formaldehyde solution is being sprayed outside the animal enclosure areas.

A virucidal Virkon-S disinfectant is also being sprayed inside all animal enclosure, especially where avian species are displayed, since aquatic birds are very prone to be affected in influenza.

To prevent any infection by visitors, provision of foot bath with solution of potassium permanganate (KMnO4) is made at the entrance of the park. The solution is also kept at all enclosures which are used by caretakers of the zoo to prevent interspecies infection.

A close watch on the health of animals and birds is being maintained and recorded twice daily. Fogging is also being undertaken in the park premises by Public Health Department intermittently to prevent air borne infections.

At present as many as 135 birds and animals belonging to 24 species are housed in the IG Park Zoo.

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