February 18, 2022

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Cuttack: In order to get a driving license, all of us have to undergo driving skill test. Currently, one has to take the test in the presence of the Motor Vehicle Inspector. At the end of the test this officer decides whether you have ability to drive or not. This is going to become history soon.
The decision about your driving ability will be taken by camera, sensor & computer, and not a human being. Transport Department, Odisha is soon upgrading its driving test system, according to State Transport Authority, Odisha.

With an objective to reduce road accidents/fatalities and bring down manual checking and human interference, the Department is establishing Automated Driving Test System (ADTS) across various locations in the state. The tender has been floated for the same.

The existing manual driving test system for issuing licences would be computerised. The system will not only check the applicant’s driving skills but also ensure transparency while issuing licenses.

In the first phase, ADTS will be set up in driving testing track of 19 RTOs i.e. Angul, Baripada, Bhadrak, Bolangir, Deoagarh, Dhenkanal, Ganjam, Nayagarh, Phulbani, Rairangpur, Rourkela, Sundergarh, Talcher, Keonjhar, Malkangiri, Nuapada, Bhanjanagar, Nawarangpur and Sonepur.

The system will feature a state-of-the-art setup, including video analytics technology and a vast array of cameras and sensors. From the entry of the vehicles to its inspection and driving test, everything will be conducted through digital methods. The digital testing track sensors fitted at the track will monitor it and judge the applicant. The scientifically-designed system with multiple high definition cameras will be put up to assess the applicants against essential driving skills. Tracks will be lined with sensors, hitting the sensor during test will result in loss of mark.

The test the skill of an applicant will be judged on parameters like seat belt, path change, lane driving, stop line, up-gradient, forward-8, reverse-S and traffic junctions.

The waiting area will be equipped with a LED Television which will continuously play pass and fail videos for LMV and Motorcycle. The television shall display an informative video of driving test procedure along with road safety awareness videos. Another LED Outdoor television shall be utilized to display videos i.e. Top View Camera / Video Analytics camera live view with track name for all the tracks.

In order to validate and monitor applicant’s authenticity, smartphone will be installed with dual camera in LMV Vehicle for face recognition and identification. It will detect presence of seatbelt, applicant identify throughout the test. The applicant name shall be displayed on the Variable Message Board placed at the start of the test track LMV & Two-Wheeler.
The applicants will know the outcome of the test on the spot and officials will complete the formalities swiftly. One variable messaging board shall be placed at each test track to display applicant test result “Pass or Fail” for the respective test formation as soon as test is completed within 10 seconds.

On completion of respective test formation, message of pass/fail will be displayed on smartphone as well as announced. If the message displays “Pass”, the applicant shall move to the next test formation and if the message displays “Fail”, the applicant shall exit the test track without evaluating, recording the next test. At the end of test pass/fail result of the applicant will be displayed on the board.

Advanced training methods for efficient and transparent testing of candidates aspiring for a driving licence would help to reduce road accidents in the state.

The state-of-the-art system will effectively use easily replicable technology for competent and transparent service delivery. Leveraging multiple technologies, the entire process will ensure accuracy and minimises human interaction, leaving no scope for manipulation. The rigorous test procedure will also bar inefficient drivers seeking driving licences, allowing safer roads for the citizens.

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