September 20, 2014

Odisha Channel Bureau Bhubaneswar, Sept 20: Tata Steel has always been the pioneer in providing state of the art healthcare and sanitation facilities to the people living in and around its operational areas.Continuing with these endeavours, Tata Steel has undertaken several initiatives which have benefitted people living around the vicinity.Apart from undertaking initiatives that provide better facilities to improve the living conditions, the company has also made huge efforts to spread awareness among the dwelling population on better sanitation and hygienic conditions.To promote a healthy lifestyle and clean surroundings in the villages, Tata Steel is organizing health camps with a special focus on women and children.Special medical covers are also provided for all the relocated families at the Kalinganagar site.The health service facilities provided by Tata Steel ensure monitoring of the growth of every child till the age of 6 years which in turn has helped in achieving 100% immunization for children of the relocated families. Speaking on the initiatives, Prasant Mallick, General Manager, Corporate Services, Kalinganagar Project, Tata Steel said, “We at Tata Steel have always valued the well-being of our communities which are the driving force of all our projects.We have always strived hard in providing the best possible health facilities to all our stakeholders in and around our operational areas.We will continue to provide state of the art health and sanitation facilities to our people at Kalinganagar.” Tata Steel introduced has brought ‘Lifeline Express’, one of the major medical innovations in Indian medical history, equipped with a modern operation theatre, which offers diagnostic, medical and surgical treatment for prevention and curative interventions for the handicapped twice to Jajpur.The initiative aims at providing free surgical interventions in areas of post-polio deformities, hearing disorders, dental and eye problems of the people of Jajpur district, according to a press release.

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