February 13, 2015

milk-mantraOdisha Channel Bureau Sambalpur, Feb 12: Eminent speakers from Sambalpur discussed how the adulteration of milk and milk products leads the society towards severe malnourishment in a panel discussion on ‘Milk Nutrition & Impact of Adulteration’ organised by the fastest growing dairy company ‘Milk Mantra Dairy Pvt.Ltd.’ here on Thursday.Retired CDMO Ramaballav Mishra, Home Science Reader Pravabati Guru and Nutrition Consultant Sandhyarani Bhoi participated in the discussion and strongly criticized adulteration of milk products, as milk is one of the most important protein providers of human body. Milk Mantra, known for its truly pure milk and best quality milk products, has been constantly raising voice against adulteration of milk products.It has recently acquired a plant at Sambalpur and started operations in western Odisha.Appreciating the initiative of Milk Mantra to create awareness among public about the adulteration of milk and its adverse impacts on health Dr.Mishra stated, “I welcome this initiative of the company as awareness on such a sensitive issue was highly required.Milk is a basic need of young kids to grow physically and mentally.Dangerous adulterants like urea, blotting paper, starch etc.in Paneer not only decrease the nutritional values but also cause various health issues.” The speakers put forth their views out of their experiences from their respective fields.Important subjects like ‘Adulteration of Milk and Health Issues’, ‘how to preserve the nutritional values of milk in day to day household activities’ and ‘Necessity of milk in different phases of woman life’ were discussed.Founded in 2009, the company through its Truly Pure fresh milk, Soft & Creamy non frozen Paneer, eastern India’s first Probiotic Dahi, and truly refreshing buttermilk, lassi and Meethi Mishti Dahi under its flagship brand Milky Moo is now a household name.By reaching out consumers with pure milk sourced from its unique Ethical Milk Sourcing (EMS) programme and its innovative Packaging Technology the brand is now highly regarded in the market.A transparent and timely payment system is at the core, and various extension services like artificial insemination, access to cattle loans from financial institutions, good quality cattle feed, health camps etc have been instituted as part of the EMS.Speaking on the occasion Srikumar Misra, founder and Managing Director of the company stated, “Adulteration of food products especially milk and other dairy products is unfortunate.Milk Mantra from the very beginning is very cautious about the quality & purity of its products.Our Ethical Milk sourcing Programme is unique which ensures right price on right time and encourages the farmers to provide pure milk.With leading global food technology companies like Tetrapack, Delaval & Multivac as partners Milk Mantra provides quality and pure dairy products.”Milk Mantra, empowered by more than 30,000 farmers, 250 collection points and 23 Bulk Milk Coolers processes around 75,000 liters of milk a day from its state-of-art most advanced dairy plants at Puri and Sambalpur districts.

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