April 26, 2015

evacuation-nepalOdisha Channel Bureau New Delhi, April 26: An earthquake of magnitude 7.9 on Richter Scale struck the entire Nepal and North Indian States at 1141 hrs yesterday.This was followed by a number of aftershocks.The epicentre was near Kathmandu in Nepal.Another earthquake of magnitude 6.9 on Richter Scale with epicentre 130 kms away from Kathmandu in Nepal occurred at 1236 hrs today.Tremors were also felt in most parts on India.Post these tremors National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has started coordination with all stakeholders and have coordinated following activities: Rescue and Relief Operations India4 NDRF teams have been deployed, one each in Gopalganj, Motihari, Supaul and Darbhanga Districts of Bihar and one Team deployed in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.Details of Casualties and other loss in India after the Earthquake yesterday: Bihar: 42 people are reportedly lost their lives in different parts of State, 156 people are reported injured and 53 houses have been reported to be fully damaged.Uttar Pradesh: 12 people are reportedly lost their lives in different parts of State, 46 people are reported.04 Houses/ buildings reported to be partially damaged in State.West Bengal: Two fatal casualties and 52 people are reported injured and 03 houses have been reported to be fully damaged and 183 houses/ buildings partially damaged.Sikkim: 08 people are reported injured and 61 houses/ buildings have been reported to be partially damaged.Rajasthan: One child reported lost life in Rajasthan.Total 57 people have lost their lives in India, 262 people are reported to be injured, 56 houses/ buildings fully damaged and 248 houses/ buildings partially damaged.NepalAt present 7 Teams of NDRF have been deployed in Nepal.These are further deployed as Two Teams each in Lalitpur and Kathmandu valley District and three teams are deployed at Baktapur in Nepal.Relief Materials• 31 Medical Staff – 13 Doctors and 18 paramedics with 2 tonnes of essential medicines dispatched.• 4.5 tonnes of Food and 4.5 tonnes of Medicines dispatched on 26 April 2015.• 40 tonnes of water dispatched.• 100 stretchers also dispatched.• 35,000 food packets. The Union Home Ministry has requested all media houses to scroll the message for not spreading any rumours and also not paying any attention to rumours like contamination of water and others.

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