May 30, 2015

giridhar-gamangOdisha Channel Bureau Bhubaneswar, May 30: Former Odisha Chief Minister Giridhar Gamang resigned from the primary membership of Congress here today.Gamang, who announced his resignation at a press conference, said he was quitting Congress because he was not protected by the party for his controversial vote against the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government in Parliament on April 17, 1999.Responding to queries about his future move, Gamang said he wanted to become a free man.He said he would not return to Congress in the future, he clarified.The tribal leader, however, said that time would tell whether he would join any other party.Sources close to Gamang said that he would join the BJP when he is offered a plum post like the post of Governor of any State.It may be recalled that Gamang’s elder son Shishir Gamang had told journalists recently that his father decided to quit Congress to join a national party.Meanwhile, Odisha Congress termed Gamang’s resignation “unfortunate” and termed him “opportunist”.Senior Congress leader Bhakta Charan Das said Gamang’s resignation would not cause more loss to Gamang himself than the Congress party.“It appears that Gamang announced his resignation under pressure from his son,” he said.Das also said that the Congress had always stood behind Gamang and had respected him by appointing him in various positions including a Minister at the Centre and Chief Minister in the State.

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