June 17, 2015

Rajashree DashJajpur, June 17: Jenapur police arrested a 48-year-old-man for allegedly killing his wife in Shyamsundarpur village in this coastal Odisha district today.The accused, identified as Lalmohan Swain of Shyamsundarpur killed his wife Tuni (43) as she served three food items (dishes) in a single plate to the former, police said today.Though the incident took place on Monday night, it came to light after brother of the deceased filed an FIR with the local police on Tuesday.According to police sources, Lalmohan returned to his house in an inebriated state on late Monday night.Lalmohan, a truck driver by profession, then asked his wife to serve him supper.Tuni served ‘Paratha’, ‘Vermicelli’ and ‘Bhaja’ in a single plate.Seeing all three items in a single tray, Lalmohan got enraged and had a heated argument with his wife.The trouble intensified when the man continued to argue with his wife after she refused to serve him food in three separate plates.Lalmohan beat his wife to death with a stick, police said.“Tuni was beaten to death by his drunken husband with a stick over serving of three dishes in a single tray,” said Gangadhar Dalei, inspector-in-charge of Jenapur police station.Police swung into action after brother of the deceased, identified as Kedarnath Nayak, filed an FIR with the local police station.Police arrested the accused and seized the body and sent it to the government hospital at Dangadi for post mortem.The accused was forwarded to the court today and later remanded to judicial custody after his bail plea was rejected.Kuni had married to Lalmohan around 23 years ago and they have three children, police added.

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