January 16, 2015

bhitarkanika_birdsOdisha Channel Bureau Kendrapara, Jan 16: With 66 percent rise in the number of winter migratory birds, Bhitarkanika National Park has re-established its status as one of the prominent avian habitats in Odisha.As per the latest census report released by the forest department, 1,13,226 feathered species trans-Himalayan region made a flight towards Bhitarkanika wetland sites for their winter sojourn this year. The census findings have found a substantial 66 percent rise in the number of winged guests than the preceding year.While 68,514 winter migrant birds had made their way to the national park in 2013 year, the latest census findings has put the number of winged guests at 1,13,226.The enumerators spotted two rare groups of winged species of central Asian origin from the wetland spots of the park.The rare group of avian species sighted is greater scaup and ferragon pochard.These species were sighted for the first time in Bhitarkanika.These winged species come under rare and threatened category.Their flight owed it origin to Central Asian region.Unable to cope with extreme cold in their original habitat, the feathered species prefer these congenial wetland spots, said Kedar Kumar Swain, Divisional Forest Officer, Rajnagar Mangrove (Wildlife) Forest Division.

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