May 20, 2015

jagannathOdisha Channel Bureau Puri, May 20: Shree Jagannath temple in Puri temple is again in news, but all for the wrong reasons.A servitor of the temple on Tuesday attacked a devotee family inflicting bleeding injuries when they refused to pay him.While the injured was being treated in the district HQ hospital, Mahasnan of the deities was observed as the temple inner floor was littered with human blood.As per the temple tradition when blood found inside the temple Mahasnan (purification process) is observed.As per the complaint lodged with the Simhadwar police station by devotee Sanatan Naik of Ranital in Bhadrak district, at about 10 am he along with his family went to the temple to have darshan of the deities.After offering prayers to the deities during the Sahan Mela (free public darshan) while they were returning at Kalahat door in the temple Chandan Khuntia, a servitor, asked him to pay Dakshina. When he refused to pay Chandan Khuntia scolded his daughters and wife in filthy language.When Sanatan protested he was roughed up and Khuntia allegedly snatched sixteen thousand rupees from his pocket.The police have registered a criminal case and sent the injured Sanatan for treatment and arrested Khuntia.The incident has occurred at a time when preparations were going on for the forthcoming Nabakalebara of Lord Jagannath.The Sagadi carrying the Daru (Neem tree) for Lord Jagannath idol is on its way to Puri from Jagatsinghpur.

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