June 23, 2015

nabakalebaraRajkumar MohantyPuri, June 23: Knowledgeable persons and senior citizens connected with the temple rituals have opined that the mismanagement in the Brahma Parivartan occurred due to an intelligence failure on the part of the Jagannath temple administration.The authorities could not foresee the plan of some unscrupulous Daitapatis who were likely to create trouble.Many said the trouble was visible from the time Banajag team was announced by the temple administration and the tussle was going on at every step of Banajag programme between the two groups of Daitapatis till Antah Banajag and finally culminated in the chaos and mismanagement in the Brahma Parivartan rituals.When all these happenings were reported in the media why the temple administration did not take it seriously, senior residents of the city questioned.The security arrangements were not in order as admittedly a number of sophisticated mobile phones found its way into the restricted and secret enclosure.There was every possibility of disturbance in the Rath Yatra schedule, they said.On the other hand, the warring groups of Daitas have started a poster war.Chappal garlanded images of Daitapatis in huge flex posters had appeared in busy areas of the city.Those were removed by the police.While both the groups were locking horns and planning how to let down the other the community as a whole is being condemned in public.Their public appearance evokes cat calling sounds and “Brahmachor” sobriquets from the public.On the other hand the Chhatisha Nijog has condemned the incident involving the Daitapatis which brought shame to all servitors as devotees other than locals do not differentiate between the Daitas and other Sevayats.Chhatisha Nijog president Janardan Pattajoshi Mahapatra had asked the temple administrator to pinpoint the role of Daitas in the Brahma Parivartan mismanagement to the media so that other Sevayats were not blamed.

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