June 27, 2015

nabakalebara-puriRajkumar MohantyPuri, June 27: The Jagannath temple administration is investigating into alleged use of mobile phones in the Sri Jagannath temple Brahma Parivartan ritual on June 15 and to ascertain the facts.Mobile service providers operating in this city have been approached by the temple administration to provide the mobile phone numbers and number of mobile phones in use during the Brahma Parivartan ritual, according to official sources.This apart, the temple administration dismissed pictures of Brahmas and burial operation (Patali) being circulated in social media as fake.The administration said the background of the pictures were not in the temple.Devotees should not believe these pictures which are being circulated in the social media to create confusion and hurt religious sentiments of the devotees.The temple administration has appealed the devotees not to believe these photographs.Trayodashi ritual performedThe Daitapatis, who claim to be the family members of the deities, today performed the Trayodashi ritual for the old idols.Free Mahaprasad was served to about eight thousand devotees including Brahmins, Vaishnabs, Sadhus, Matas and devotees in the inner complex (Kurma Bedha) of the Sri Jagannath temple.Earlier, the Daitapati Nijog had announced to distribute Mahaprasad to one lakh devotees on the Trayodashi along the Bada Danda.The temple administration had earlier appealed the devotees to donate for the grand feast.However, in the wake of Brahma Parivartan fiasco and hue and cry over the mismanagement, the Daitapati Nijog had cancelled the programme and limited it to some thousands.The temple and the Daitapati Nijog under pressure from various quarters announced to return the donations received for the grand feast to the donors.There was a tussle among the Daitas and the Suars (temple cooks) over preparation of Mahaprasad this morning.The matter was solved by intervention of temple officials and senior servitors of both the communities.Repair of Ratna ChitaIn another development, the Ratna Chita (forehead ornament) of the deities would be repaired by goldsmiths and jewelers from Cuttack.This was needed as these were became old and the precious stones like diamonds, ruby and emerald studded on the gold base ornaments have been loosened during long use and it needed to fix the loose portions.Earlier, the temple managing body had passed a resolution to conduct repairs.On June 29 expert jewelers from Cuttack would carry out repair works at Navikata Mandap, a facility in the temple premises amid tight security.The same day the temple administration has called for a Chhatisha Nijog meeting to streamline the rituals in the temple for the July 18 annual Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra, Devi Subhadara and Sudarshan.

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