October 28, 2020

Santosh Patnaik
Visakhapatnam: After a hot pursuit, Andhra Pradesh Police rescued a dentist and a realty operator near Anantapur when kidnappers tried to take him in a car from Telangana to Karnataka for a hefty ransom of Rs.10 crore.

According to Anantapur Police, on a tip-off from their counterparts in Hyderabad, they freed Dr. Hussain of Kismatpur Dental Hospital on Wednesday morning.
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He was kidnapped from his hospital on Tuesday by a gang of five unidentified hooligans who came by wearing burquas and kept him in one room in an undisclosed place in Hyderabad. Police said they spoke Marathi.

Later he was handed over to another gang of four members with an SUV. They were asked to go to Bengaluru/Shimoga in neighbouring Karnataka. Anantapur is close to Bengaluru International Airport.

The victim is a real estate businessman who also runs a hospital. As he is rich, he was selected as a target.

The kidnappers also demanded Rs.10 crore through Bitcoins cryptocurrency as ransom to free him.

Upon intimation from Hyderabad Police, while AP police tried to intercept them at Anantapur, they escaped towards Kanaganapalli.

After surrounding from all sides, the vehicle along with one accused by name Sanjay were captured after a hot pursuit, while other three fled towards nearby fields.

Anantapur Police said the victim’s hands and legs were tied and was found in the car in a traumatic condition. Injury marks were also found on his body.

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