November 13, 2014

Odisha Channel Bureau Kendrapara, Nov 13: In a case of slip-up and mistaken identity, police issued arrest warrant against a man who had died about a decade-and-a-half age and took into custody an innocent man on charge of commission of offence committed be the deceased!Kendrapara police which did the faux pas finds itself on a sticky wicket with the wrongfully confined victim deciding to take recourse to law.Sushant Sahu of Madhiala marketplace here faced trial for commission of a criminal offence committed by him on 1997.During the course of trial he died on 1999.However, local police executed the non-bailable warrant against him and in the process took into custody Basant Sahu of nearby Santasahi presuming him to be Sushant.After it was found that the accused facing warrant had died, police realised its blunder.Basant Sahu who had been detained in a case of mistaken identity was released, police said.Kendrapara Police station Inspector Pramod Kumar Lenka said, Sarthak Sarangi said “the matter is being investigated.The policemen involved in the slipup would face disciplinary action for dereliction of duty”Last heard- the ‘wronged’ man, a petty trader, is planning to sue the police officials for wrongfully branding him as an offender and confining him in police custody.

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