July 3, 2016

Odisha Channel Bureau Bhubaneswar: On the auspicious festivities of Rath Yatra in Puri, PACAD Comics has unveiled its first and second sequel in E-Pub versions of SRIJAMYAHAM, a graphic novel series made on Odisha’s most celebrated art form Pattachitra with an objective of popularising epic tales of Lord Jagannath.Establishing Lord Krishna and Lord Jagannath lineage, the mythology, fables and Leela stringed to this autochthonous and most mystic God Jagannath in this era of Kaliyug, SRIJAMYAHAM is a complete series revealing all such tales fold by fold.SRIJAMYAHAMAs graphic novel medium is pop cult among children & younger audience, it’s a unique attempt to aware, educate, entertain and make them feel proud about their rich cultural and spiritual tradition.The popularity of such graphic novel series at an early stage, well noticed by media houses, people and groups from all works of life needs to be spread across ethically.The graphic novel is already showcased in INNOVEX, a platform for innovative start ups having tangible products, service prototypes facilitated by CII and Young India.The series of graphic novel SRIJAMYAHAM would have 100 issues to complete the epic tales of Lord Jagannath.This would obviously grasp the market slowly but profoundly to establish this as a part of modern urban culture.Along with the graphic novel, all the merchandise items e.g.custom designed SRIJAMYAHAM badges, toys and fancy gift items.Wardrobes like the SRIJAMYAHAM theme T-shirts, custom designed logo plated belts, laptop skins and mobile guards would also be the part of such venture.Bhubaneswar-based PACAD Comics is also planning to have a brail version of such book that can also enchant the blind readers with a special printing technology to feel the graphic portions of the novel which would be a unique attempt.

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